GNU/Linux is a big effort of mankind which consists of thousands of millions lines of code. It is piece of art and a mean for computing freedom.

Currently linux is used mainly as a server OS, so most of effort and money goes there, in consequence the desktop users are left alone almost without any support or good quality apps, but we are here with you to change it!

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Swift API and frameworks

Developing apps is very difficult using twisted API therefore in order to have good quality apps the developers have to have good tools. Swift is very slik programistic language. Our goal is to create unify set of frameworks that apps coud rely on.

Lobby for using command instead of ctrl button

For example Ctrl+C is used for terminating command line app, so more logical is to use command button instead. Many programs has inconsistent kay shortcuts. We would like to set up a team who will work on standard of key shortcats, review programs, work out the best solution and anforce it on the populrar projects.

United central drivers and core libraries center

The OS without drivers can not work well. The situaltion in that area is much better now than used to be, but still Linux is behind Windows.\nThe hudge pain now is a support for high density displays.\nThe team will list all companies that are willing to work on the solutiuons

Developing this website adrertise it

In order to start we need to have beautiful website with content that we could share with others. We need to spend effort on creating good quality materials and spend many hours discussing with developers nad hire professionals. For now this project is collective for all things that need to be done at start.