Winux - Win/Linux

In short, this website is a system for crowdfunding a development of libre programs and Linux as a desktop OS.

The system I want to create is based on roling release cycle which is veariant of GNU/Linux that has less customisability in favour of simplicity with GUI strongly tided up together. No possibility to change the desktop environment and apps less portable, so the they might be much more well integrated with the system.

Currently looking what I can do now I will focus on smaller things at the moment, like developing this portal and collecting ideas and discuss them with users and developers.

Opensource chellanges

Many of users are not aware of how difficilt it is to work on GNU/Linux. It is a big project that involve thousands of people who have different goals, so it brings many challanges and I listed a few of them below.

Not united vision

Due to no strong coordination of project and desperate need to keep projects going there are many bad decisions are made constantly. The most hurting is splitting effort. There are many versions of programs that do the same thing a little buit differently. Let's imagine all those people will agree and wokr together.

Low quality GUI apps

The developers preffer to focus on portability, so the apps can run on windowds becouse they can hit broather market instead to focus on quality. There is no business for graphical apps, and users who are running GNU/Linux as desktop are usually tech savy, and they can customise system, so it looks nice and if it breaks they can fix it.

Not all users can affort time on getting knowlagde on the system, and breaking apps are big deal for them. The secund problem is that users have to make many dfecisions like what desktop to use.

Legal issues

Big corporatins fight for market share using patents law. The projects might be very easily discontined even for more trivial reasons like false copyright claims. The developers rle is to create software and they are formed from tech people and pretty often they have problem when thiers software succeed.

No support

There is very few companies that provide support in addition the comunity is pretty often unsupportive and expcect the users to find help on theirs own by reading documenttion or searching the web.

Our role

To address those problems our nonprofit organisation is working with professionals and users on program's specifications. The outcome is a document posted in this website. The users who like the speciufication and are willing to spuppert the idea are able to donate.

Collect funds

Users if they willing are able to found project they like and have inpact of prioritizing tasks. All the process is as much transparent as possible, and you will know where your money go.

There are two ways to founding project:

Set goals

This website is ment for users to discuss feautes and by voting theirs money pick things that are important.

We as I organisation are solving problems and disputes. We are hiring people who are goot at this. We are keeping contact with contributors and help them as much as we can.

Our mssion is also to corganise hackatons, meetings, discussions, keep contact

Growing independent teams

19.99% of earnings from selling apps will be used for supporting teams of our choice. The things we will provide for them

Provide infrastructure

This website provides issue tracker planing boards, code repositories and founding system, so the users can easily track what has been done, how and what was the cost.

To show your appreciation you might consider to sign up for subscription or share link to this website